About me


I'm Jess Shaw, a Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher and retired analytical chemist.


My teaching style is soothing, supportive, and focused on empowering you to experiment and find the solutions for your unique issues. 


It's incredibly satisfying to solve the puzzle of chronic muscle tension in a systematic way, and lovely to have a simple way to maintain your newfound freedom.


I discovered somatic movement when I was searching for a solution to an incredibly painful frozen shoulder.  Motherhood had taken a toll on my body, and a back injury set up a cascade of muscle imbalances.  By the time I found somatics, one side of my body was crunched and cramped from years of carrying babies around, and I could barely move my right shoulder.  I tried physical therapy twice but couldn't find complete resolution.  Essential Somatics® relieved the long-standing pain in my shoulder and back, and I was hooked! 


It is my passion to share this work so that all individuals can achieve more ease and freedom in their bodies.


Trained as a biologist and employed for fifteen years as an analytical chemist, I now homeschool my two young children and teach Essential Somatic® Movement over Zoom.  I currently reside in Montgomery County, PA with my husband, daughter, and son, plus two silly ducks who complete our family.

"Jess's gentle manner, organization, and guidance allows her students to feel safe in their own process"