"The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one's being to be experienced, explored, enriched and thereby, educated."

- Thomas Hanna

Do you have chronic muscle tension?

Feel stressed out much of the time?

Would you like to avoid declining as you age?

Somatic Movement can help!

You have the power to feel better in your body.


You have the power to age gracefully.


You have the power to restore freedom and ease to your body, mind, and life!



Somatic Movement Classes


  • In your private or group class, I will lead you through gentle, safe movements that help to release habitual muscle tension.


  • All of us tend to habitually hold our bodies in certain postures, due to our daily activities, or as a response to prior injuries.  Over time, and without our conscious awareness, our smart brain moves our standard patterns "off-line".  The result is that we can no longer sense all the ways we may be out of balance.  


  • Practicing Somatic Movement is a way to reset the connection between your muscles and your brain - effectively bringing full muscle awareness and control back "on-line".


  • Increased awareness leads to more efficient, effective movement - more freedom and less pain!


Work with me in 1:1 or group classes over Zoom to get to the root of your chronic pain. 


Living with more freedom and ease is possible!